MailCleaner is a full and free server-side email filtering solution. It can be installed on almost any x86 compatible hardware and act as a SMTP gateway.

It comes as an automated cd installation which will take care of the whole setup phase. Put the CD in, turn on your PC, and come back twenty minutes later. Your MailCleaner will be ready for the ten-click-only configuration phase.

MailCleaner must be installed between the Internet and your final mail server, either by becoming the new MX record for your domain(s) or by getting mail from your frontend gateways. Once filtered, the messages will be forwarded to your destination mail server(s) or next gateway(s).

MailCleaner is built on popular and very efficient free software:

The difference with MailCleaner is that the usage of these tools is almost transparent for the users and administrators as configuration and settings are done through a unified and intuitive interface.

Not only can administrators access the system. Users can also consult their quarantine in real time, and set their own preferences, address by address. The fully templatable web interface ensures compatible and customizable access to all aspects of the system, both avoiding intrusion on users' habits and allowing the administrators to focus on other interesting tasks.

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